Over 180 companies out of the WRO-Network, more than 200 Start-Ups and the full power of our network, will help your Start-up the grow in the Ortenau-Region in South-Germany. Ortenau is the district on the Upper Rhine with strongest industrial base and is the home of numerous global market-leading industrial companies. The local desire for regional economic development and the interest of the biggest and most innovative companies have resulted in a unique network. In this network – made up of 52 towns and municipalities, the district authorities, the Sparkasse and Volksbank banks, the chambers of commerce and the 180 biggest and most innovative companies – we have numerous services available for our region. As a regional think tank we achieve synergies at the interface between industry and politics.

You can find here big companies like Europa Park, Herrenknecht or Duravit directly in our network. On the other hand we have many skyrocking Start-ups, like sevDesk, Bringman, happy hotel, Retamo, Powercloud and many more, which haven grown up in this region. 

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Founding a start-up where others go on holiday? It’s possible here.

Ortenau is the largest district in Baden-Württemberg. With its fabulous Black Forest heights, deep-cut valleys, the foothill zone and steep vineyards and vast forests, the Ortenaukreis is made for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Culinary delights are also on offer here – great wine cellars or local fine brandies, local fruit and vegetables or the famous Black Forest gateau – the Ortenau offers the best quality everywhere and undoubtedly plays in the top league with its gastronomy. 5 Michelin stars are thus at home in the Ortenau. For all adrenaline junkies, Germany’s largest amusement park – the Europa Park is located here, with more than 100 attractions, 13 roller coasters and 18 themed areas.

Numerous Black Forest trademarks such as the world-famous Bollen hat find their origin here. With over 70 museums, wine festivals and numerous castles, palaces and Christmas markets, there is also plenty on offer culturally. Major start-ups have sprung up in the region and have made a conscious decision to stay here. More information on this (in German) can also be found in our Start-up Stories on YouTube. Start-ups in the region particularly appreciate the fast fibre-glas network and the opportunity to prototype with global market leaders from a wide range of brands.

Offenburg is the largest town in the Ortenau district with a big start-up center called Technologiepark Offenburg. The town has a large railway station with an ICE stop (high speed train). Within 20 minutes you can get from the district town of Offenburg to Strasbourg, for example, and thus find yourself in France. In just over an hour, you are in Basel, Switzerland. Nearby airports are located in Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe, Basel/Mulhouse and Stuttgart. There is also a private airport in Lahr, which offers the possibility of setting up drone and aerial power start-ups.

As you can see – lots of potential and space for your ideas! 

Hours of sun ☀️
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Local wineries 🍷
Beautiful Lakes 🏊‍♀️

Pitches, Hackathons, Accelerators – the Ortenau-Region has many Start-up events, where founders come together and talk about their ideas. 

One of the most famous founder-events in germany is the startUp.connect-Night, where young founders can come together and meet their idols and testimonials from the start-up scene life on stage. After the keynotes they are able to ask them all, they want to know from the sucessfull start-up entrepreneurs

On the other hand it´s possible to get many new ideas and input from the other founders in the audience of the event. The audience is mixed of people from the gouvernment, investors and founders

Famous founders, like Johannes Kliesch (SNOCKS), Alexander Djordjevic (FOODIST), Verena Pausder (FOX&SHEEP) and many more support our network.

startUp.connect-Night @ Canvas22 in Offenburg

Every year the Black Forest Hackathon takes part in Offenburg. Great teams build their ideas on one weekend and have the chance to win money and other prices. After the hackathon they are able to build focus on their prototypes with the startUp.connect-Network. 

In the Black Forest Accelerator we build up ideas about tourism and show give you our mentorship with the most important entrepreneurs of the german start-up scene. In six month we give free workshops to all start-ups in the accelerator and help them with the full power of our network and investors.

You need help with growing up your start-up? You want to go the next step and build your own business in here? You need an office, co-working space or an investor? Or do you just want to drink a coffee and talk about your idea? You are welcome!

Get in touch with us and help you to start with your company in the Ortenau region.

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